After being designated with the Franchise tag for a second consecutive season by the Dallas Cowboys, GSE Worldwide client DeMarcus Lawrence signed a record-breaking, five-year, $105 million contract extension on April 9, 2019. The contract, which was the largest in Dallas Cowboys history, included $48 million fully guaranteed at signing and $65 million in total guaranteed money. DeMarcus’ contract also included $31.1 million in Year One cash, an NFL record among non-quarterback contracts, and it’s $13m guaranteed APY (Average Per Year) is the largest for any defensive player in NFL history and the $21m APY was the third-highest among all non-quarterback contracts in league history.

Initially designated with the Transition tag by the Miami Dolphins in 2016 before having it removed hours before the free agent signing period began, DEC Management client Olivier Vernon reset the Defensive End/Edge market by signing a five-year, $85 million contract with the New York Giants. Vernon’s deal was the largest ever signed by a defensive end/edge pass-rusher and included $52.5 million in guaranteed money, including $40 million fully guaranteed at signing and included a total of $54 million over the first three years of the deal. Vernon received $29 million in Year One cash, which at the time was the largest Year One cash amount ever paid to a defensive player.

Jamie Collins signed a 3 Year $30 Million Deal in March 2020 with $18M Fully Guaranteed with the Detroit Lions which is the biggest contract of his career at age 31. This contract was one year after signing a 1 year, 900k deal with 200k guaranteed with his previous agent. Jamie currently holds the record for most guaranteed money for an Outside Linebacker over the age of 30.


GSE Worldwide is head and shoulders above the competition. Through our in-house full time marketing staff and under the direction of CEO David Canter, GSE Football is capable of providing significant off the field income to our clients via marketing, endorsements, television and radio appearances, advertising campaigns, public speaking engagements, even modeling campaigns as well as many other creative outside the box marketing campaigns that GSE Worldwide puts together. GSE Worldwide accomplishes this, through years of experience utilizing its broad web of contacts in the corporate world. GSE Worldwide will devise a plan together with each client that would best fit him to become the best he can off the field! GSE Worldwide has partners in many different industries that help our clients maximize their value.

Draft Preparation

With over two decades in the industry, GSE Worldwide has longstanding relationships with general managers, head coaches, front office executives, scouts and owners. GSE Worldwide can effectively gauge interest and promote our clients to all 32 NFL franchises while our clients remain focused on their pre-draft training program. GSE Worldwide also provides clients with pre-draft marketing, ensuring that you are recognized across the world while helping you leverage your platform to build your brand. GSE Worldwide provides our clients with a detailed gameplan to prepare for the National Scouting Combine and/or Pro Day on your college campus. GSE Worldwide will provide clients with the absolute best pre-draft training facilities in the country. We work with our clients to devise a pre-draft training program that works best for each individual athlete’s needs. GSE Worldwide will customize a training program for each client to ensure that he is getting the best strength training, speed and agility training, Combine/Pro Day position drills, Wonderlic and interview prep, nutritional program, and rehab & recovery programs in the country. GSE Management has relationships with all the major equipment and apparel companies to provide gear and shoes necessary to ensure you get the best results at the Combine/Pro Day. Our goal at GSE Worldwide is for each client to be in top shape so that he can and will perform at his best at all times.


GSE WORLDWIDE provides clients with a 24/7 concierge service. We arrange anything from relocation services, tickets to events, reservations of any kind, even flowers for a special occasion. We provide travel assistance and have exclusive deals with hotels and resorts around the world. GSE Worldwide has relationships around the world to get our clients invited to exclusive high-end events. We do it all exclusively for GSE Worldwide clients. Beyond that, GSE Worldwide capitalizes on its relationships to provide access to the entertainment world in various capacities to our clients.